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 Spring  PartyBingo  
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Comment jouer ce jeu

At Bingo Central you may play from 1 to 100 cards per game. Remember, the more cards you buy the higher your chances of winning. Although there are only nine cards visible on your screen at any given time, the game software will automatically keep track of all your cards, and inform you if you win. By playing in autoplay mode, you will be able to see whenever one of your numbers comes up. Your computer will automatically mark it off for you so you really can play as many cards as you wish. Our games also have an automatic "Best Order" function which enables you to see your best cards at any given time. Cards change color automatically the closer you get to BINGO enabling you to clearly see whether you're 3, 2 or 1 call away from scooping the CASH!!

How long does a game last?
That depends on which game you're playing. Bingo Central has a new game every six minutes (ten games per hour). In between games, our chat leaders will often run chat games and competitions. Fair 'n Square will start off at ten games per hour and then move to fifteen games per hour (new game every four minutes). Fun and action is what F'nS is all about. There's never a dull moment at PartyBingo!
You may buy as many cards as you wish for up to 20 games in advance. To buy your cards in advance, log in to the game and select "Buy Cards". Select the number of cards and the games you wish to play from the menu provided. Coming Soon: buy packages of cards for your favorite games up to 10 days in advance.

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