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Bingo Palomitas Se trata de un sencillo juego de Bingo.

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Bingo Palomitas Se trata de un sencillo juego de Bingo.

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    Bingo Table

    Bingo tournament example
    This is what you screen looks like, while playing a Bingo Tournament.

    Bingo Basic Rules

    To play bingo, which is a form of lottery , each player purchases one or more cards divided into numbered and blank squares. Randomly chosen numbers, usually up to 75 or 90, are called out by a "banker." The first player to achieve a card (or a line) in which all of the numbers have been called shouts "bingo" or "house" and collects the entire stake money, usually less a specified percentage, if that is permitted by local law. In another popular variation, the central square on the card is free, and the first player on whose card five of the called numbers appear in a row - vertically, horizontally, or diagonally - is the winner. The prize (jackpot) may amount to thousands of dollars.

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